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at face value, take at face value, take Accept from its outward appearance, as in You can't always take a manufacturer's advertisements at face value; they're bound to exaggerate. Literally this idiom has referred to the monetary value printed on a bank note, stock certificate, bond, or other financial instrument since the 1870s. Our idiom for this week is "poker face".... - Regional ... Our idiom for this week is "poker face". Read the infographic to find out what it means and try to use it in a sentence! Resource: In the Loop,... save face meaning, definition, examples, origin, synonyms

I remember hearing that idiom on quite a few occasions when I was in my 20’s. When I use it, I’m amused by the bemusement it causes…

Wild Bill Hickok - Wikipedia He earned a great deal of notoriety in his own time, much of it bolstered by the many outlandish and often fabricated tales that he told about his life. Phrase and Idiom Dictionary - Writing Explained

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Idioms: a pocket of resistance -- a redneck - esl-bits.net Idiom: Meaning: Example: a pocket of resistance: a small group resisting, a few people not on side : There's a pocket of resistance in one district. A few disagree. a poker face: a face with no expression; showing no emotion Judge Brady has a poker face. He doesn't show his emotions. a pop: per person, per ticket "How much are the tickets ... Definition of poker face - The Online Slang Dictionary This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of poker face is. The slang word / phrase / acronym poker face means... . Online Slang Dictionary. A list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. Idioms - alphabetical list F1 | Learn English Today poker face. If you have a poker face, you show no emotion at all. "All during the trial the criminal kept a poker face." straight face. If you keep a straight face, you look serious although you really want to laugh. "Our teacher was dressed so strangely that it was hard to keep a straight face!" fact of the matter is Poker idioms - Learn and Practice English Online

Here are 6 more idioms with poker connections. 1.“The Cold War made everyone fear a political showdown.” (Confrontation) The term ‘showdown’ is often used to describe a moment of truth in which two or more people will face each other in a final confrontation. The word is often used in sports commentaries when there is a final match or ...

What does the idiom poker face mean - answers.com The idea when you're playing poker is to keep the other players from guessing what sort of hand you might have. A poker face is an expressionless face that gives no hints about the player's emotions. English in a Minute: Poker Face - YouTube What does a poker face look like? We tell you about the idiom poker face in this one minute video. We tell you about the idiom poker face in this one minute video. Originally published at - http ... Idioms in Music: Lady Gaga Lyrics Explained - Online ...