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This might sound somewhat uninteresting at first, but it means you can have your own signals and slots outside the main thread. The Trolls created a new way to connect signals to slots such that signals can actually cross thread boundaries. I can now emit a signal in one thread and receive it in a slot in a different thread.

Qt Signal / Slots sends a complete structure. I am attempting to send a structure via signals/slots between two threads, my signals/slots are connected properly and I have been able to send QStrings containing parts of my data but now I need to send the whole thing and Structures seem most sensi. Safe Cross Thread Signals/Slot C++ - dskims.com It seem that the only implementation that provide Safe Cross-Thread Signals for both the Signal class and what's being called in the slot is QT.It's not a signals-slots implementation, exactly, but there's a C++ implementation of Twisted's Deferred pattern that accomplishes a similar goal to a... qt4 slot safe non - Qt 4.5 - Is emitting signal a function…

Соединяем слот и сигнал (обратите внимание на объявление кто отправитель сигнала, а кто получатель), а потом можем сигнал отправлятьemit sendGlobalVar(7); Обратите внимание, что теперь связывать слот и сигнал желательно с параметром Qt::DirectConnection.

QThread with signals and slots | Qt Forum QThread with signals and slots QThread with signals and slots. This topic has been deleted. in that example from Qt Sources I see that the thread::Start has been called from thread subclass and not the thread that object lives in. ... (in the example, the GUI thread, which is where the RenderThread object is living), so it's safe to use ...

Qt Development General and Desktop Q_INVOKABLE vs SIGNAL/SLOT thread safety Q_INVOKABLE vs SIGNAL/SLOT thread safety. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. DRoscoe. last edited by . I have several methods which are defined as Q_INVOKABLE. ...

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Qt libraries work using the mechanism called signal-slot. Basically this is a optimal way to make an asynchronous communication between objects in any kind of conditions and transmitting any kind of data. However, sometimes, may happen the need to wait for a very short time event (for example wait for the end of a short animation). c++ - Qt Signals and slot thread safety - Stack Overflow The only way when slot will be launched concurrently is if you specified Qt::DirectConnection AND emitting signal in thread different from slot's thread. If you omit connection type, it would be Qt::AutoConnection. In this case if you emit a signal from one thread, and catching it in another one (e.g. in main GUI thread) - Qt will put a slot's ... Threads and QObjects | Qt 4.8 On the other hand, you can safely emit signals from your QThread::run() implementation, because signal emission is thread-safe. Signals and Slots Across Threads. Qt supports these signal-slot connection types: Auto Connection (default) If the signal is emitted in the thread which the receiving object has affinity then the behavior is the same ... SLOT/SIGNAL safety with QByteArray &references | Qt Forum